Contact your fishmonger or Spring Bay Seafoods to locate your nearest supplier. Spring Bay blue mussels can be bought:

  • Loose from your fishmonger
  • In 750g and 1kg size tray packs
  • In 1kg and 5kg net bags or loose in 10kg and 15kg polyboxes.

Size grading: cocktail, standard, large, jumbo.

Storage and Handling

To store loose Mussels

Loose mussels should be stored in a drip tray or colander covered with crushed ice in the refrigerator.

  • Storage: chilled 0-5 degrees celcius
  • Shelf Life: 8 – 10 days

To store 750kg & 1kg packets

  • Storage: chilled 0-5 degrees celcius
  • Shelf Life: refer to the use by date on the packet

Never soak mussels – always allow melted ice to drain away. Do not store in air-tight bags or containers – they will suffocate. To test to see if a gaping mussel is alive, just tap gently on the shell. If alive it will start to close.


Spring Bay Mussels are clean shaved and ready to cook. Just rinse and cook. View recipes

A 1kg packet of Spring Bay blue mussels will serve:

  • 2 - 3 people as a starter or 1 person as main course
  • 2 - 4 people when serve with pasta, noodles, rice or a salad

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Spring Bay blue mussels cooking.

Spring Bay blue mussels ready to be taken to shore.