Spring Bay Scallops

Spring Bay Seafoods process both farmed and wild Tasmanian scallops.

They are of premium quality because in Tasmania we are fortunate to have some of the purest, coldest water in the world.

Our 3500ha marine farm lease is 4 miles offshore in clean sheltered waters adjacent to Maria Island.

We can also harvest wild scallops from discrete fishing paddocks along the East Coast of Tasmania.

These growing conditions produce first-class scallops that are categorised by:

  • Beautiful clean shells
  • Ocean sweet roe
  • Superior taste: you taste nothing but the scallop.

"We believe you won't find a better looking, better tasting scallop anywhere."

Phillip Lamb - Managing Director, Spring Bay Seafoods

Technical Specifications

  • Spring Bay Scallops are Tasmanian Scallops (Pecten fumatus) also commonly known as "commercial" or "southern" scallops.
  • Scallops in the half shell:
    • We supply fresh or frozen in the half shell. Shell sizes are graded into standard, large and jumbo. Our scallops are split and half-shelled with adductor muscle and roe left attached to the shell. The gut, gill and mantle are removed. They are gently rinsed and carefully packed 10 or 15 dozen to the box.
  • Scallop meat:
    • We supply fresh or frozen scallop meat with roe-on. They are processed under strict guidelines to ensure clean, grit-free and dry meat – the best on the market. Packed to order in 10 or 15kg chill boxes. We air freight overnight direct from our premises in Triabunna, on Tasmania's east coast. Spring Bay Seafoods are export registered (AQIS Reg Est 5873) and we regularly supply to the South East Asian market.

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