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Australian Blue mussels

Spring Bay organic icon Certified Organic

Spring Bay Seafoods has held this prestigious certification since 2011, – guaranteeing organic integrity, and demonstrating Spring Bay Seafoods’ support for sustainable agricultural practices and healthy, natural food.

Spring bay Deep-water-icon  Deep-water difference

Unlike most other mussel producers, our mussels are grown in deeper, nutrient-rich waters in some of the most precious and pristine seawaters in the world!

Spring Bay What-sets-apart-icon   What sets us apart

Our plump and tender mussels have a pure deep-sea flavour that are clean and nutritious. We have the ability to grow large mussels up to 100mm in length which are spotless, dark shells and allow for beautiful presentation on any plate.


Beer lovers mussel pot

Mussels and beer might sound like an unlikely couple, but trust us, they belong together! This recipe is one of our favourites. Recipe

Mussels White wine & cream

The classic French Moules Marinières is fast food at its best. Made with fresh, inexpensive ingredients that still seem celebratory, this dish comes together in around 15 minutes. Recipe

Mussels on painted blue planks

Mussels in tomato and wine

Such an easy versitile dish. With a rich vibrant sauce it is great accompaniment to pasta or just on its own as a finger licking sharing plate. Recipe

Mussels in black bean sauce

Chinese black bean sauce lends authentic flavour to stir-fried vegetables for quick takeout-style meals at home. Serve over steamed rice along with broccoli sautéed with garlic and a pinch of hot pepper flakes. Recipe

Spring Bay Seafoods Pty Ltd

Spring Bay Seafoods are an Australian based seafood company renowned for producing award winning Australian blue mussels.

Our deepwater marine farms stretch across some of the most precious and pristine seawater in the world. The cold and nutritious oceanic waters provide a unique growing environment unrivalled anywhere and allows us to grow our uniquely large, clean and tender mussels.

Our Products

Australian Blue Mussels

Packed in a modified atmosphere pouch to keep the mussels fresh and juicy for longer. Available in 1kg and 2kg packs.

Live Australian Blue Mussels

Freshly harvested live mussels packed into net bags. Available 1.5kg bag.